Two men in a fishing boat at the Gulf of California
Our Planet

Part of The Environmental Solution, Not the Problem


This is the story of David Zaragoza, and his first trip at sea on the shrimping vessel Coxar IX. David’s family owns the largest shrimping fleet in the Gulf of California. Someday he’ll be in charge, but on this trip he will learn about life at sea. 

The Gulf of California has historically been one of the most productive oceans in the world. But in the last few decades, many commercial fish populations have collapsed, leaving an uncertain future for industrial fleets and indigenous communities who depend on them. During the trip, David is faced with some difficult questions—how do you become a part of the solution when you are historically part of the problem?


Project Backstory


In 2017, the Landmark Stories team got exclusive access to follow David Zaragoza, rare for an industry struggling to find their voice amidst collapsing fisheries and pointed fingers.

man on sea
men on shrimping boat
Men cleaning shrimp on fishing boat
beautiful sunset and birds at the Gulf of California
Man pulling fishing net on shrimping boat
two men at sea
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Producer - Cody Sheehy
Cody Sheehy
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